I am a huge fan of  a fashion blog out of New York called MAN REPELLER.  I think Leandra Medine, the owner of this blog, is a genius, super hilarious and I so so adore her quirky yet so stylish and so to date fashion sense.  When I discovered her blog about a year ago (I read of about her in some magazine, ELLE if I am not mistaken), then reading her blog is like an addiction.  She knows how to go crazy, have fun yet look insanely so fashion forward at the same time.  Then when I read this article in her blog: http://www.manrepeller.com/2012/04/man-repeller-x-dannijo-eye-spies.html , I decided I just have to get a hold of the collections.  A collaboration of Dannijo and Man Repeller.  I would never ever pass that.  So I shopped at DANNIJO‘s offical website (www.dannijo.com) and bought 2 of the MAN REPELLER DANNIJO = MR. DANNIJO collections.  A gorgeous colorful eyes necklace called Lee Lou and of course you know me and cuffs…got to have my cuff, so I also got Eyenstein, the eye cuff with lashes that move freely (soooo super adorable).  Of course, in my head I would already be orchestrating which batik will go with these whimsical necklace and cuff.  So I thought of my blue Limaran batik for the Lee Loo necklace and my bordeaux Limaran batik for the Eyestein cuff.  The blue Limaran (the batik name is “Enchanting Blue” is from 2009 premium Limaran collection because of the details of this gorgeous batik.  The colors so complimentary with the colorful Lee Loo necklace and I love how this hand drawn batik is so detailed with tiny specs and dots to create a beautiful and orchestrated flower garden).  The bordeaux batik (the batik name is Anusasana Parua )is from Limaran’s 2011 Fall collection, it is adorned with salmon colored embroideries of leaves, flowers and petals. Don’t you think they are match made in heaven. LOVE! 

Leandra and the Dannijo’s sisters with the Eyes collection of the MR.Dannijo. Courtersy of Man Repeller (www.manrepeller.com)

MR. DANNIJO Lee Loo Necklace

Loving the colors in my Lee Loo necklace by MR. DANNIJO complimenting the Limaran “Enchanting Blue” silk Batik cloth.

Lee Loo Necklace against my “Enchanting Blue” Limaran Batik: 2009 Limaran’s fall collection. This is actually one of her masterpiece in terms of details of the motives and the play of colours. All Hand drawn with Patience, Passion and Love.  This Batik may take about 9 months to finish.

The details of ” Enchanting Blue” Limaran silk batik cloth. The texture, the details, the colors and the motives are just divine.

The Eyestein cuff by MR. DANNIJO. So loving the movement made by the lashes. It is such a fun cuff would really compliment my Anusasana Parua Limaran silk batik cloth.

The details of this batik is also mind boggling and the color is just such a compliment to the Eyestein cuff.

How the Eyestein cuff looks on my hand and against the Bordeaux orange Limaran batik.

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