I wore this purple ensemble during the big celebration of our Idul Fitri this year. The top is purple batik chiffon blouse by Batik Ozzy (0ne of my favorite batik makers, all designed by mba Lianawaty, she is based in Pekalongan, West Java) and the kain batik is purple woven silk by Bin House.  The silk batik cloth has intricate, swirly motives in the center surrounded by white tiny dots.  Love the purple combined with grey and white colour….wore my purple Pierre Hardy peep toe pumps and on my wrist is a batik motived carved silver cuff with a drussy stone by F.Xaverius silver.

What I wore:  Purple Chiffon batik blouse by Batik Ozzy, Amethyst stones necklace purchased from Burma, Vintage diamonds ring, Diamond earrings with amethyst stones by Trinity Gems, Purple Batik Cloth by Bin House, Batik Parang motives silver cuff by F.Xaverius Silver, Diamond watch gifted by Tewei, Grey Croc clutch gifted by best friend Miranti, Black Dragon Python hobo by Tussy Leather, Purple peep toe pumps by Pierre Hardy.

My purple batik head to toe ensemble

Loving the color purple..here I am carrying my black dragon python Hobo by Tussy leather

The beautiful drapery at the back of my batik chiffon blouse by Batik Ozzy.

The parang motives are carved in this silver cuff and adorned by Drussy stone. Gorgeous statement piece by F.Xaverius silver.

Details of my purple Bin House Batik. Notice the small dots details…they are all hand-drawn. I am always gasping over the detail motives of my batik cloth. So much passion and patience goes into just a piece of batik cloth.

My purple Pierre Hardy Peep Toe pumps. Loving that they are adorned with 3D gold squares.

On wrist, F. Xaverius batik motive silver cuff and my gifted Tewei watch. The necklace is genuine amethyst purchased from Burma


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