Happy New year to everyone, one of my 2012 resolutions is to start updating my BatikAntik Blog. So here we go…my first update for 2012. I have always been in love with Limaran batik by my dearest friend Insana Habibie. I do have one of my favorite Limaran batik though…it is the Anusasuna Parwa collection.  A extraordinaire deep red orchestration of flowers in the muted color combining mustard and khaki brown in the whole ensemble.  I was lucky to have the set version of this batik, which consists of the sarong and the shawl. The sarong is beautifully embroidered with flowers and leaves that are artistically drawn.

Last August, 2011, I was asked to represent Indonesia in the CEO Panel of Innovation and Technology APEC Summit in San Fransisco, I wanted to wear a special batik dress.  So I decided to cut the shawl of the red Limaran batik into a dress.  I was nervous actually in cutting such a gorgeous master piece, but Insana told me to just do it since it is not often that I would be on one stage at the APEC summit together with Walt Mossberg (a well known senior Wall Street journalist, famous for his All things D) , Mikitani san (a billionaire CEO of Rakuten Japan) and Reid Hasting (CEO, Netflix, who couldn’t join though last minute).  Thus, the batik becomes “THE DRESS” that I wore to the my panel at the APEC Summit in San Francisco, last August 2011.

I asked mba Yani Soemali to do the dress for me….she was like: “Are you sure you want to cut this gorgeous batik?”  It did felt like I was about to commit something unforgivable…hehehe.  Hey but I did it….I was happy, it was just a very simple, 3/4 sleeved dress. Very minimalist and cut to fit the body.  Love it…

Walt Mossberg and Me in my red Limaran dress

Walt Mossberg and I in my red Limaran dress

Hiroshi Mikitani of Rakuten and I after the APEC CEO panel

Hiroshi Mikitani of Rakuten and I after the APEC CEO panel

Me and the adorable n talented Charice

David Foster and friends were having their concert on October 27, 2010 in Jakarta, at the Pacific Ritz Carlton.  I was so lucky in the morning before the concert, I got  a chance to meet Charice herself in person.  I am really in awe with her voice and her humbleness. Her career has taken off so fast that I salute her.  Very proud of her.  It is an honor to actually be able to meet her that day while she was in Jakarta just before her concert with David Foster and friends. When I got a chance to meet her yesterday, I gave her a grey and navy blue silk batik scarf by Komar batik. I think this batik scarf is right for her since it is so modern in color yet you can still the beautiful batik tulis and design done on the naturally woven silk cloth. Right there and there she wore the batik scarf in front of the media. I think she looked so adorable with the batik wrapped around her.  Since, I consider her someone special with an extraordinary talent, I believe she deserved something beautiful from this country and of course batik it is.

The day I met Charice, I actually asked her for a huge favor…which was to also give a batik scarf to my all time idol Oprah Winfrey.  I have been her biggest fan since I watch her show in 1993′s.  Not only her show that has been inspiring me through these years, but her character serve as a role model for me.  It would be in wildest dream if she would actually wear the batik scarf that I give her.  I want her to see how enchanting and intoxicating it is the Indonesian batik cloth actually is.  I would so ever be grateful to Charice if that actually happens…..Oprah also helped her dreams come true and I hope Charice would help me on making my dream comes true by sending the Batik to Oprah.  Thank you my dear Charice for your kindness.

Charice and the lovely Grey n Navy silk batik stola by Komar batik

Here are some of the links on Charice and the batik:




One of my favorite kind of batik is batik Indigo or known as the white and blue batik or traditionally called Batik “Kelengan”.  Somehow this style of batik is quite versatile and shed a very modern side of Indonesian Batik, because of its simple bluish color.  To process a Batik Indigo itself is done by dipping the cloth thru a unique process using natural coloring extracted from the Nila plant (Indigofera Tinctoria). This technique has been practiced since the olden days of the Colonial era and now my friends Nita and Yayat from Galeri Batik Jawa translated the Indigo batik thru their white and blue Batik Collections.  I love the fabulous silk Indigo batik scarves collection. I bought a couple for myself and to give away….love them.  Here is my pic with mas Yayat at the INACRAFT exhibition last April, 2010.  What I am wearing here is the simple Kawung pattern done in silk scarf….the chic, white, bluish grey color is just superb with my favorite black get ups.

Known for his exclusive gorgeous woven silk cloth, Simon Lenan

to me is a very talented individual with discriminating taste and a passion of preserving the Indonesian heritage. I just adore his work and craftsmanship on how he preserves the Indonesian heritage of weaving, embroidery and batik into the most alluring and exquisite pieces of cloth. I am one of his biggest fans, since I just can never resist his masterpieces.

I literally cry of admiration when he would show me his works and I would immerse myself in awe of the complicated process that the piece of cloth has to go through in order to look that superb.

Simon loves to use the special silk material that is known as Bombixmory. His passion for raw silk material led him to develop other silk materials such as wild silk known as Attacus and Criculla, the latest being the silk worms that are being fed cashew fruit leaves.

All his cloths are 100 percent hand made, and could take up to 6 months or even more to finish one piece.

Last April, Simon collaborated with a Japanese artisan in a themed exhibition called Artistry Exhibition Painting and Embroidery by Toshiko Ohmatoi and batik Embroidery by Simon Lenan.

In this exhibition, Simon exhibited his cloths that have Japanese elements in them.

He cleverly, incorporated the Indonesian batik, his beautiful embroidery and Japanese touches on his beautifully woven cloths. He reserved one of these cloths for me, and I fell in love his black woven shawl with beige cranes that were batiked and embroidered on. GORGEOUS! Love the fact that it is modern yet still breathe culture and ethnic that is edgy and yes it is BATIK. Below is my picture with Simon, and in my hand is my Japanese Crane batik.

I agree with Manolo Blahnik, he said that “


to see more beauty these days”.

I say people need more Simon Lenan to appreciate art and culture that embody beauty and craftsmanship. Salute to you mas Simon.

Sorry for the late posting…I should have posted this yesterday.  But due to technical problem, I couldn’t upload these yesterday. Hehehe….Anyway, belated National Batik day.  This year to commemorate the National Batik day, I wanted people to remember it since this is only the second year.  Last year, our president asked us to wear our Batik dress or shirt, this year since it falls on Saturday, as a batik evangelist, I wanted people to still remember batik day.  So being in the digital industry, I thought, we should do something that will help to keep the Euphoria of Hari Batik alive, so it would be great if the different cool sites in Indonesia would help celebrate it by adding batik motifs to their front page. So at the end of Detik, Jakarta Post, KapanLagi, Kaskus, Kompas, Koprol, MetroTVnews, OkeZone, Plasa.com, Prambors group, The Marketeers, Vivanews, and Yahoo!Indonesia

are excited to help commemorate HARI BATIK NATIONAL 2010 by adding Batik Ornaments to their logo/sites.  The sites all look wonderful with the touch of BATIK.  Well, for Korpol, they are doing BATIK photo upload contest to show their support….and yours truly will be the judge…hehehe.  Thank you so much for the support my dearest friends of the digital community!!  Batik Indonesia is indeed the best and all of you are AWESOME :)

Anyway, this is what I wore yesterday on the Batik day.  It is a gorgeous Turquiose with magenta abstract strokes silk batik wrap by DJAWA (Benny Adrianto).  What’s so cool about this, actually after being batiked, the silk cloth is shredded into long pieces then being sewn back together to have the effect of uneven edges.  I think it is just a piece of ART. We are selling a similar one with different color in Plasa.com soon. It is just so Cool!

Our annual event, PestaBlogger 2009 (www.pestablogger.com) is coming up this October 24.  It will be a cool one this year, since we have our own official “BATIK for PESTA BLOGGER”.  It is has a very cool swirly design like our logo and the color is red but on the lighter note.  See the picture of Mas Iman Brotoseno, our chairman for PESTA Blogger 2009 and the Ambassador US at our press launch last June, who wore the Batik uniform for this years PB.  During that press launch, I wore my beige brownish batik cloth made by “Riana Kesuma”.  I love the design of this batik cloth since it is modern and uses natural dye from the plant extracts for the coloring ( Yes, GO GREEN n friendly to the environment).  The top part is my black “Cita” of Bin House blouse.  I just love wearing kain :) 




Last August 8, 2009, I was invited by Ricky Ichsan of Embassy of Indonesia in DC to attend the Gala Dinner for President Obama’s mother’s Batik collection in Washington D.C.  Unfortunately, I was not able to make it since after my Bubu Awards, there is just too much to do.  Wish I was there though.  Here is the complete report with the pictures straight from the Embassy.  Sharing it with you now :) ENJOY

Batik Exhibition in Seven Major US Cities

In the context of enhancing the bilateral relations between Indonesia and the U.S.A. through integrated cultural and investment promotions to increase the awareness about Indonesia by the people in the greater Washington D.C. area, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, Consulate Generals of Indonesia throughout the U.S.A., Investment Coordinating Board of Indonesia and other parties involved, together with the family of Mrs. Maya Soetoro-Ng organized a series of exhibition of the private collection of Indonesian Batiks owned by the late Dr. Ann Dunham, mother of President Barack Obama, that was showcased in seven major cities across the U.S., namely Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, New York, and Albany. The series of exhibition’s finale is held in Washington D.C. starting 9-23 August 2009 at the Textile Museum. The exhibition, with the title of “A Lady Found a Culture: Barack Obama’s Mother and Indonesian Batiks” displays 16 pieces of Indonesian Batiks collected by Dr. Ann Dunham during her stay in Indonesia between 1967 and 1972, her periodic returns afterward, and between 1989-1992 during her doctoral dissertation research for her degree in anthropology from the University of Hawaii.


Reception and Gala Dinner

The exhibition in Washington D.C. was inaugurated by a Reception and Gala Dinner extravaganza with the title of “Enchanting Indonesia”, organized by the Embassy of Indonesia and with the full support of Investment Coordinating Board of Indonesia, on the 8th of August 2009 at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Washington D.C. The event was co-hosted by the Ambassador of Indonesian to the U.S.A. H.E. Sudjadnan Parnohadiningrat and the Chairman of Investment Coordinating Board of Indonesia Mr. Muhammad Lutfi, with President Obama’s little sister Mrs. Maya Soetoro-Ng and family as guests of honor. The event, with a dress code of “Black Tie or Batik”, was well attended by more than 500 invited guests comprising of representatives from the Department of State, Department of Energy, USTR, D.C. Mayor’s office, large US corporations, diplomatic corps and socialites of Washington D.C.

At the reception preceding the Gala Dinner, 12 pieces of Dr. Ann Dunham’s batiks were being displayed at the foyer of the Ballroom of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel along with 11 pieces of batik from the private collection of Indonesian First Lady Mdm. Ani Yudhoyono and also dozens of collection of hand woven textiles from Cita Tenun Indonesia (Indonesian Hand Woven Textile Association). Live batik making demonstration was also shown during the reception by a batik artist from Indonesia and a 20 painting exhibition with various batik themes. In a special event during the reception, 2 specially commissioned paintings of Dr. Ann Dunham and Mrs. Maya Soetoro-Ng with batik motifs as background are being handed over to Maya in a simple ceremony.

In his remarks, as was also mentioned during the Press Conference preceding the Reception attended by approximately 50 journalists from various media, the Ambassador of Indonesia conveyed his hope that the exhibitions will enhance the understanding of American public about the diversity and richness of Indonesian culture. A specific message from the Ambassador to the world is that batik with certain patterns and designs that are being exhibited are unmistakably Indonesian. Since the Indonesian independence 64 years ago, batik has been at the forefront of our national identity serving as a unifier of a country so varied in ethnic and cultural diversity. Today the Ambassador hopes that the textile can become a bridge for enhancing the relationship between the people of Indonesia and the U.S.A. The aforesaid batik collection of Dr. Ann Dunham is slated to be exhibited in Jakarta in time for the much anticipated President Obama’s visit to Indonesia in mid November 2009.

As co-host of the event, Chairman of Investment Coordinating Board of Indonesia conveyed the importance of increasing the economic welfare of the Indonesian people in the context of strengthening the democratic foundation of the country. Increasing investors confidence and the streams of investments, especially from the U.S., are among the avenues toward the fulfillment of that goal. The Chairman also hopes that through the exhibition, a better relationship that is based on increased confidence and credibility between the two countries can be achieved.


During her remarks, Mrs. Maya Soetoro-Ng, accompanied by her husband Konrad Ng and her baby on stage, expressed her highest appreciation to the Government of Indonesia for presenting her mother’s private collection of Indonesian batiks to the U.S. public. She also mentioned Dr. Ann Dunham’s great love towards Indonesian culture and arts, which was also inherent in her mother’s way of educating her two children to appreciate the similarity of U.S. and Indonesia in that they are both a culturally diverse countries.

Among the programs during the Gala Dinner, the guests were entertained with a fashion show by two young Indonesian designers, namely Priyo Oktaviano and Sebastian Gunawan, featuring Indonesian hand woven materials. The guests were also similarly entertained by traditional and contemporary cultural attractions, such as Gending Sriwijaya dance, Legong Bali dance and Rampai Aceh dance, along with Indonesian songs serenaded by Shakila accompanied by Niall Djuliarso on piano, followed by an interactive angklung numbers. The Gala Dinner finale showcased the combination of Saung Angklung Daeng Udjo and saxophone play by the Ambassador of Indonesia featuring the song “Heal the World” by the late Michael Jackson. 

The Reception and Gala Dinner was supported by friends of Indonesia among others are US-Indonesia Society (USINDO), American Chamber of Commerce, US-ASEAN Business Council, and Asia Society. Support also came from the U.S. businesses such as Chevron, Exxon-Mobile, Freeport McMoRan, The Coca-cola Company, Cartier USA, Sisley USA and other participating sponsors.


Opening of the Exhibition at the Textile Museum

To kick-off the opening of the batik exhibition at the Textile Museum, a private brunch reception attended by approximately 100 guests was held on the 9th of August 2009. Guest of honors for the event was Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia H.E. Sudjadnan Parnohadiningrat and Madame Nunung together with Mrs. Maya Soetoro-Ng and husband Konrad Ng. Also present during the festive private opening ceremony were representatives from the Investment Coordinating Board of Indonesia and the Indonesian Hand Woven Textile Association that honored the Textile Museum by donating several Indonesian hand woven textile pieces to add to the collection of the museum. There were record crowd of approximately 200 people lining up the private museum in the first few hours after the museum was opened for public starting the 9th – 23rd of August 2009.

Museum of Textile, Washington D.C.

Exhibition @ the Museum of Textile, Washington D.C.


Special Edition Obin batik cloth "Birds of Hope"

Special Edition Obin batik cloth 'Birds of Hope'


Being, a batik lover, a batik addict, or whatever I am, I asked Obin which of her batik cloth, that I can actually auction to help for the cause of Sumatera Earthquake victims.


Exhibition of Obama's mom batik

Exhibition of Obama's mom batik

Here with I am pasting the Press Release given to me from the Indonesian Embassy, Washington.  Thanks to Ricky Ichsan :)


Oct 2, 2009 was indeed the day that I was so happy, elated, jumping for joy to see everyone wearing batik.

UNESCO has officially declared Indonesia’s batik — a traditional wax-resistant dyeing technique used on textiles — as part of the world’s intangible cultural heritage in its session in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates.

Now I wish everyday was like Oct 2 or I should start a trending topic #batikfriday at Twitter. It was a sea of batik everywhere, offices, the malls, the streets even at my office @ Bubu.com.   So yesterday, I started the day by becoming the guest speaker at I-radio 89.6 FM to talk about my love for Indonesian Batik. 

That morning, I asked my close friend Insana Habibie to accompany me to be one of the guest speakers as well. 

She would be the perfect person to talk anything on Batik.   She has the same passion as me, even better she designs and produces the most gorgeous batik cloths that I know of.  So that day, I wore one of her design from ‘Limaran’ batik collection, a gorgeous grey batik wrap scattered with hot pink flowers then embroidered with silver and gold flowers. 

I wore it with my hot pink Mango silk blouse and a matching hot pink suede heels.  

Insana looked extra beautiful that day, she wore her brick brown batik with a nice casual white tshirt….so effortlessly chic. Love it Insana!

After the I-Radio interview, we headed to BPPT building, since I was invited by Bpk Kusmayanto Kadiman, Minister of Research and Technology to attend an exhibition and talk show on   “BATIK: Kreatifitas Budaya dan Teknologi Indonesia”. 

It was Mas Iwan Tirta and Mas Komar from Batik Komar that were the guest speakers. The lobby of the building was packed with batik being exhibited all over and from everyone wearing them.  This is really what you call “SEA of BATIK”.  I was just mesmerized by the day and the moment, being the batik evangelist that I am.  I want everyday a Batik day now. 


Insana and I @ BPPT Lobby

Insana and I @ BPPT Lobby





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